Company Law
Legal consultancy services for transactions of establishing foreign or domestic companies in accordance with the changes in the Turkish Company Law, >> more
Foreign Trade Law
Establishment of Corporation Organizations on Free Zones, providing of operating license and legal consultancy services relating to International >> more
Contract Law
Organizing contracts for private persons and companies in national and international fields, revision of the contracts, which were prepared by the parties >> more
Labor Law
Services of labor actions, preparing employment contracts, the calculation of the workers demands and their deductions, >> more
Family Law
Divorcement, Marital Property, pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages, Alimony, Recognition and Enforcement, Parental, and all cases of the  >> more
Tourism Law
Legal representation and consultancy services in the tourism industry with the aim of achieving solutions, preparing contracts >> more
Inheritance Law
All kind of inheritance actions of our citizens or foreigners live in Turkey or abroad, legal services through the search and determination >> more
Real-Estate Law
Elimiation of joint ownership, Consultancy of Real Estate Investment, Civil Nuisance and Claim for Mesne Profits, Claim for Rent and Evacuation,  >> more
Execution and Banruptcy Law
Execution Proceedings of companies and persons, Bankruptcy and Suspension of Bankruptcy,  >> more
Public Law
All kind of tax cases and tax avoidance of companies or persons and all administrative actions >> more
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    Dual nationality
    The Federal German Government has confirmed the law draft regarding to the dual nationality regulation. The children of foreign parents could benefit from this new regulation of the Citizenship Law now. The new German legislation will come into force on 20.12.2014. Under the new German Law, children of Turkish families, who live in Germany, will benefit of the dual nationality from the date of 20.12.2014.  >> more
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    Mavi Piksel